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High quality medical ID cards

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Our personalised 'In Case of Emergency' cards have been designed to give you peace of mind if you have any medical emergency or experience a crisis. They carry your medical information in an easy to read layout which could help somebody who is trying to help you

Your ICE card (In Case of Emergency) is an easily accessed document which can provide first responders vital information on any critical health issues you or a loved one may have. It is very easy to identify and will provide information quickly unlike devices like phones and tablets which may have their information locked

Information is vital

Having the right information at the right time can save lives! Having a clearly designed, durable plastic card with your medical information on could make all of the difference, particularly if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to communicate clearly, a situation which could happen to us all


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Updating your information

This is easier than anywhere else thanks to our own technology - when you need to order a replacement card (if your details change), you can email us and we will send you a special secure link to an ordering page which will be pre-filled with your existing information. Simply edit the fields which have changed and checkout!


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Who needs an ICE card?

Whilst the ICE card has been designed to help persons who have a higher risk of not being able to communicate in a crisis, actually anybody would be better equipped to carry an ICE card. It would give peace of mind in the event of a crisis to know that your children or loved ones have easily accessed information on their person which could mean fast response to emergency

Who would benefit?


Just knowing that your child has his or her medical information easily available can give you peace of mind if they are not with you. They may not be able to communicate their medical needs in a crisis, so their ICE card can provide this enabling quick communcation with their parent or doctor whether they are simply travelling to or from school or out at play

What is an ICE Card?

It seems really simple, and it is! An ICE card (In Case of Emergency) is a card which you should carry with you at all times. If you are ever in an emergency situation and are unable to speak or communicate clearly, your ICE Card holds all of the vital information required by first aiders to ensure your medical needs are understood and cared for.

Your card

The ICE card is a standard credit card sized card made from durable white PVC (54mm by 86mm), printed and personalised with the best ID card printers available. The card will fit into your wallet or purse alongside your existing cards. The words 'In Case of Emergency' are deliberately printed across the top - this is the part of a card which is visible first, or in some cases visible before being taken out

By carrying your ICE card at all times, you are giving any first aid responder the opportunity to know any important medical information in a crisis - this could mean the difference between life and death. You can add two contacts and their numbers to your card so that persons close to you who understand your circumstances can be contacted quickly.

On the card

There is a section which contains your basic personal information, your name, phone and short address. There are two sections for emergency contact details, each with two phone numbers on for additional assurance of communication

Being further away means slower response times and possible communication difficulties, we recommend that any person travelling should carry their own ICE card to help in times of crisis abroad or away from home.

On the right side of the rear of the card is a space for holding your doctors information, your blood group and seven lines of text which should contain any information a first responder may need, such as medication used or allergies

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The Elderly

Being elderly can bring about an increased dependency on medication and so carrying an ICE card can speed things up when medical assistance is required. Even minor mishaps can be painful for the elderly, and being in pain or out of breath can make communication more difficult.

Holiday makers or travellers

Being further away means slower response times and possible communication difficulties, we recommend that any person travelling should carry their own ICE card to help in times of crisis abroad or away from home.


Being a student often means being away from family and loved ones. Giving a student an ICE card to carry is a small way of protecting them in their absense and shows that you care


Yes even the most active and able persons could benefit from carrying an ICE card! if you are in a very busy environment, maybe travelling to or from work, and you have an accident or emergency which leaves you having difficulty communicating, you could benefit from having an ICE card on your person

Special Medical Needs

Of course anybody with any kind of special medical needs should have an ICE card. Allergies, asthma, epilepsy - these are all conditions which could leave a person in need of medical assistance. Carrying an iCE card is an advantage!

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